Welcome With a high-speed CF cards and SD cards USB 3.0 can offer a significant increase in download speeds to your PC. So The Doc has tested a several readers and the results are on the following pages. Test machine Operating System:  Windows 7, 64bit Benchmark software: Flash Memory Toolkit ver 2.01 USB Chip:  NEC USB 3.0 chip on Gigabyte Motherboard Chip firmware version: (20/08/2011) Driver: (15/11/2011) Obviously you can only get the USB 3.0 speeds if your motherboard or plug in card supports USB 3.0. Methodology Cards formatted using Flash Memory Toolkit Professional ver 2.01 and then tested using the Low level Benchmark on 3 different high speed (600x) 16GB cards from Lexar, Sandisk and Transcend. The overall performance graph is an average of the 3 cards for each reader. The individual results are given for each reader in the following pages. For the Real World Speed test, The Doc used a 16GB SanDisk Extreme Pro card with 10GB of Canon RAW images downloaded using Downloader Pro ver. 2.2.8. © Michael G Hains 2011-2012 -