Available Readers There are many more USB 3.0  than tested on this site. The links below are to available readers and sites which have reviews of USB 3.0 readers © Michael G Hains 2011-2012 Available Readers The list is divided between internal and external readers. There are many more external USB 3.0 readers and they are divided into the following groups A-H, I-R and S-Z. External Readers A-H I-R S-Z Internal Readers A-Z Links to other USB 3.0 Reader Reviews Kingston USB 3.0 Reader reviews, here and here. Lexar here and here. Transcend here. Multi readers tested by the Sportphotoguy here (Delkin, Kingwin, Lexar, Pretec & Rosewill) and other here at Fred Miranda here (Brando, Delkin & Pretec).